Video Production Fee

This is a one-time fee to cover the production of a promotional video for IPSF and its members. Because the video will promote individual schools, we are asking members to pay $226 ($200 plus 13% HST) per campus.

Single Campus: $226

Two Campuses: $452

Three Campuses: $678

Four Campuses: $904

You may pay by EMT or Credit Card. Please select one below:

Pay by Email Money Transfer

School or Institution Name:
Email address:
You have chosen to pay by email money transfer. Please initiate the transfer at your financial institution's website and copy your chosen security code below.

To learn more about email money transfer, click here.
Transfer Security Password:

Pay by Credit Card

To pay by credit card, please choose the three that apply to your institution. A 3% processing fee will be added.

Single campus:

$226.00Add to cart

Two campuses:

$452.00Add to cart

Three campuses:

$678.00Add to cart

Four or more:

$904.00Add to cart

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