Steps to Accreditation


Please note: This is an overview and there might be particular differences to reflect each school’s unique circumstances.


  • Contact IPSF for application information
  • Apply to become an IPSF member (Choose your IPSF membership category carefully)


  • Become a member of the AdvancED Improvement Network


Receive access to all eProve platforms, diagnostics, and tools

  • Surveys (provide information on stakeholder perceptions)
  • Inventories (provide information on stakeholder experiences)
  • eleot®
  • School Quality Factor diagnostic (i.e. questionnaire)

With your staff and/or administration:

  • Familiarize yourselves with the eProve tools
  • Decide how the tools will be used
    • By whom
    • When
    • To what purpose (formal or informal assessment)



  • Analyze the data you have gathered from surveys and inventories to align with school mission/vision
  • Define gaps between perception (surveys) and current experiences (inventories)
  • Analyze gaps/weaknesses re: School Quality Factors (SQF)
  • Complete Readiness Diagnostic for International Schools (Performance Standards, International Assurances). Please note that these should be completed and submitted to AdvancEd upon receipt.

Use this data to begin your Continuous Improvement Plan


  • Get feedback from AdvancED support staff regarding the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Begin implementation of your CIP
  • Arrange for a Readiness Review (similar to a pre-inspection report)


Based on the outcome of the Readiness Review

  • A recommendation will be made for continued readiness work or for Candidacy for Accreditation status
  • Approximately two years from receiving Candidate status a school will schedule an Engagement Review for Accreditation
  • Continue to modify the Improvement Plan and its implementation using feedback from stakeholders and AdvancED staff


Schedule the Engagement Review date

  • Continue to collect evidence to demonstrate implementation of your CIP
  • Complete and submit the SQF diagnostic, and collect evidence using eProve diagnostic tools and other evidence
  • Upload all evidence, particularly that relevant to your Engagement Review, to the workspace
  • EQAO – Education Quality and Accountability Office (Ontario schools)


Host the Engagement Review Team

  • Final Engagement Review Team Report submitted by AdvancED Lead Evaluator
  • Recommendation is made for continued candidacy or accreditation
  • Candidate status may continue OR school is accredited for 5 years