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FCA has been providing the school sector with comprehensive insurance packages for over fifteen years and we have the expertise to service your insurance needs. Education insurance protects educational organizations, institutions and entities from a wide range of perils. Coverages also commonly extend to employees, volunteers and directors & officers within the operations as well. As no two educational institutions are alike, it is important to work with a dedicated education insurance specialist who truly understands the uniqueness of your operations.
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Paul D.C. Smith

FCA Insurance Brokers

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AgileIS specializes in the development and deployment of applications that provide digital access to healthcare-related services. In partnership with Coaching Association of Canada and through consultation with Parachute Canada, AgileIS has launched a new software platform, CAPT, with the goal of improving concussion safety in independent schools and sports organizations.

CAPT has been developed for independent schools to provide first-class care for students while mitigating risk across your school. CAPT is the digital concussion management platform from AgileIS that streamlines your sports organization’s or school’s concussion education, removal from sport, and return to activity protocols.

For more details, please contact:

Sophie Kell, Business Analyst


Tel. 613.415.5355

Email. sophie.kell@agileis.co