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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Independent and Private School Forum. This three-page application form will take you through the process of applying for membership with IPSF and accreditation with AdvancED. Please note: IPSF and AdvancEd have a referral relationship. IPSF members, however, are free to pursue accreditation through other reputable educational accrediting agencies other than AdvancED. If you have or are pursuing accreditation through another accrediting agency, please contact IPSF at pds4education@gmail.com to provide those details.

If you are already a member of IPSF and wish to apply for AdvancED accreditation, please click here

Contact Information

School Name
School Address

(received from The Ontario Ministry of Education)
School Phone number
School Fax number
School Email Address
Administrator's Name
2nd Administrator's Name

(if applicable)
Administrator's Email Address

School Information

School Type

Number of Years in Existence

Does the school/institution have a parent teacher Council /Association?

Number of Students Enrolled

Number of Certified Teachers

Number of Uncertified Teachers

Membership Category

Please choose your membership category carefully:

Inspection Information

Please upload the last two inspection reports for the Ontario Ministry of Education (if only one inspection has taken place, attach that report).

An analysis of all inspection reports will help IPSF determine trends and areas for professional development for the Membership. Other than IPSF personnel, no school specific information will ever be shared without written authorization. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

"I have read, understood, and agree with the mission and objectives of the Independent and Private School Forum (please see the IPSF website). I understand that this membership application is subject to the approval of the IPSF Executive. I understand that IPSF is comprised of a number of professionals who facilitate information sessions for IPSF members, through this forum."

By submitting this form the school confirms that it voluntarily follows the Code of Ethics which has been approved by IPSF member schools.

IPSF operates strictly as an information provider forum, and IPSF members understand that they act on any the information provided by IPSF at their own discretion."


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