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IPSF and Cognia have a referral relationship. IPSF members, however, are free to pursue accreditation through other reputable educational accrediting organizations other than Cognia. Please contact IPSF at pds4education@gmail.com to provide this information.


Please note:

  1. Your application forms to IPSF and Cognia will be reviewed separately, and a final decision made as to your membership status with IPSF and/or membership with Cognia. IPSF and Cognia have a referral relationship that in no way, directly or indirectly, influences the decisions, processes, or activities of the other body. All decisions as to membership by IPSF and accreditation status by Cognia are subject to wholly different criteria and processes. Joining IPSF is not a guarantee of Cognia accreditation or Cognia status.
  2. Campuses: A separate application form must be completed for each school campus (please see fee structures) for both IPSF and Cognia.
  3. IPSF applications will be considered only after full payment has been received. The funds paid for a denied application will be fully refunded to the applicant with the letter of refusal. IPSF shall collect payment for members who wish to apply to become members of Cognia as an agent only. Please refer to Cognia policies and information for full information as to their fee processes and requirements.
  4. IPSF membership renewal and Cognia membership renewal must be submitted with full payment by July 31st of each calendar year.


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