The Insider Volume 3 Issue 1 – Spring 2018
In this Issue:

  • Special message from Ronnie Miller
  • Review of the Klingenstein Center Heads of Schools Program 2018
  • Article Summaries from UC Berkeley
  • Upcoming Events

The Insider Volume 2, Issue 2 – Summer 2017
In this Issue:

  • Article Summary from Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Article Summaries from Edutopia
  • On Your Bookshelf
  • Upcoming Events

The Insider Volume 2, Issue 1 – Winter 2016
In this Issue:

  • TED Talks: Sir Ken Robinson
  • Promoting Cognitive Flexibility in Our Students
  • Opportunities for Private Education: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the UAE
  • Upcoming Events

The Insider Volume 1, Issue 2 – Summer 2016
In this Issue:

  • TED Talks: Kahn Academy
  • Ontario College of Teachers Professional Advisory
  • Article Review: Struggling Learners
  • Texting, the new email
  • Report Card Controversy

The Insider Volume 1, Issue 1 – Dec. 2015
In this Issue:

  • Interesting TED Talks for Teachers
  • Ontario College of Teachers Duty To Report
  • Private and Independent Schools in Print Media
  • Book Review – Transforming Schools
  • IPSAB Members’ Meeting Notes – November 26, 2015

Appendix A – Policy and Procedure Denial and Revocation of the Authority to Grant Credits
Effective on October 1, 2017

This Policy and Procedure replaces the policy and procedure relating to the denial and revocation of credit-granting authority set out under the heading “Denial or Revocation of Credit Granting Authority” on pages 28-31 in the Private Schools: Policy and Procedures Manual, September 2013 (Manual). If there is any inconsistency between this Policy and Procedure and any other policy and/or procedure set out in the Manual, as amended, this Policy and Procedure prevails.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Grade Inflation
By Mark Oppenheimer
Courtesy of The Washington Post, March 4, 2016

Field Trips and Foreign Travel Policy
Courtesy of The Baltimore County Public Schools, 2012

Child Protection Issues in Schools: The Role of Educators
By Justice Marvin A. Zuker