What IPSF Membership Means To You and Your School

Brief Queries:

Brief and reliable answers to queries related to independent and private school operation.

The IPSF Executive Director is available to answer your brief questions in a timely fashion. Brief Queries are questions that can be asked and answered through a short conversation, and we are available to help you with these sorts of questions on a once per week basis. If you need more time than this – not a problem! Ask us about our consultation services with IPSF advisors who have expertise across educational matters.

Ministry Policy Updates:

IPSF will monitor Ministry of Education policies and PPMs, communicate and consult with Ministry of Education officials, and advise its members of any changes as IPSF becomes aware of them. IPSF will clarify issues of relevance to private and independent schools, and provide clear answers to school queries regarding these policies and PPMs. IPSF will propose practical means to implement these policies, and where appropriate may develop templates for member use to demonstrate evidence of policy implementation. This information will be shared with IPSF members through the included:

  • Regular emails
  • Semi-annual e-bulletin
  • Summer Institute (at a reduced-rate early-bird fee)

Where intensive, school specific support is needed, our members can access IPSF advisors for a reduced-fee additional amount.

Curriculum Updates:

IPSF will monitor updates and changes to the Ontario Curriculum and advise you accordingly. IPSF will highlight changes, explain their significance, and propose efficient and effective means for their implementation.  As well, where appropriate, IPSF may develop templates for members to demonstrate evidence of curricular implementation by schools.

Where intensive, school specific support is needed, our members can access IPSF advisors for a reduced-fee additional amount.


Special Project(s):

IPSF will undertake to analyze trends and patterns through evidence collected through confidential review of school inspection reports, and then use this information to tailor supports and services offered to member schools. This initiative will improve the efficiency and practical benefit of the supports received by member schools.


OnSIS Support:

IPSF members have “for-a- fee” access to an OnSIS submission consultant who may instruct schools on how to process these submissions, or alternatively, complete the OnSIS submissions for school members.

M.O.S.A.I.C.S. – Managing and Overcoming Social and Anxiety Issues with Collaborative Support:

The MOSAICS Approach is a multi-disciplinary approach to supporting schools in the development of effective programming for students who are facing anxiety and emotional regulation challenges.

Mosaics Approach facilitates workshops for the parent community of both publicly funded and private schools. Our team includes professionals with expertise in areas related to social and emotional development. The following are the interactive and engaging workshops we currently provide:

  • Interventions for Anxiety Challenges: Consistent Practices for Home and School
  • Building Resilience/Grit, and a Growth Mindset in Children and Teens: Optimizing Potential at Home and School


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