Membership Information and Benefits at a Glance

As an IPSF member- school, your whole leadership team gains access to a professional learning community of independent and private school educational leaders. Principals, administrators, coordinators, department heads, international counselors, and more enjoy a plethora of workshops, resources and events to support their work.

We host a variety of events, that help build awareness to best practice in all aspects of school administration. We’ve hosted workshops on the following topics:

  • How to become an Accredited School

  • How to know if you have a legal issue?

  • Top 10 Academic Policies Your School should have

  • Ways to expand your enrollment funnel

  • Top Insurance policies to safeguard your institution

  • Best practice in digital learning and online schools

  • Curriculum updates from the Ministry of Education

  • How to achieve STEM Certification

  • Coaching and Mentoring school staff

  • Human Resources and Employment law

And so much more.

In essence, we provide our member schools with imperative information that brings awareness to best practice and crucial topics across K-12 school administration.

This is all done in a collaborative community where educators come together to learn and grow in their capacity as school leaders. This enables leaders to be better informed and equipped as they lead their schools.

We also offer onboarding and support to become an Accredited School through the largest accreditation agency in the world.