Fee Structure for IPSF and Cognia



IPSF Annual Membership Fee
(August 1 – July 31)
$1,828.34 ($1618 plus HST) For Schools within Canada
Additional Campus Annual Fee
(August 1 – July 31)
$649.75 ($575 plus HST) All school campuses must be registered with IPSF
IPSF Workshops, Seminars, and Summer Institute for Member Staff $50 -$100 per person

Cognia Fees *

Cognia Annual Membership Fee Schools within Canada – $1200 USD.

Offshore schools connected to a Canadian School – $2,000 USD

Full payment is required from August 31st of each calendar year
  1. Readiness Review
  2. Engagement Review
Applicable costs

Combined Membership Fees For Chinese Schools and Vocational Colleges

Annual fee for IPSF and Cognia membership for Chinese schools K-12: $5000 USD  
Annual fee for IPSF and Cognia membership for Chinese vocational colleges: $7500 USD

* IPSF may collect on behalf of its members the Cognia Annual Membership Fee. In such a case, it is collecting as an agent. The collection of the Cognia Annual Membership Fee is not a guarantee that any IPSF member shall become or remain an accredited organization with Cognia. All decisions, processes, and activities in regards to Cognia are made solely by Cognia employees and follow Cognia guidelines and policies. Please refer to the Cognia guidelines and policies.

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