Articles by Nathan

Somerset Academy

Associate Member 7700 Brimley Road, Unionville, Ontario Administrator: Kenny Yu Tel: (905) 940-8990 Pursuing STEM Certification with IPSF / Cognia

Queens Gate Academy

Associate Member 255 Queen St E. #3 Bramption, ON – L6V 2B8 Tel: (905) 846-0220 Candidate for accreditation with IPSF / Cognia

KCS Online School

Observer 5922 Manzanillo Crescent, Mississauga, ON, L5M 6Y6 Principal: Joseph Biju Tel: (905) 791 1750

Sherwood Heights Erin Mills Campus

Associate Member 3650 Platinum Drive, Mississauga ON, L5M 0Y7 Principal: Christine Mutlak Tel: (905) 569-8999 Candidate for accreditation with IPSF / Cognia

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