Accreditation of Ontario Schools

The Independent and Private School Forum (IPSF), in partnership with AdvancED, is pleased to announce a new initiative inviting applications from Ontario private schools to begin the accreditation process with IPSF/AdvancED. This is a major development in the Ontario private school sector. School Accreditation of Ontario private schools with IPSF/AdvancED will indicate that the accredited school meets the rigorous standards of a recognized, highly-respected, international accrediting body, and that the school follows a continuous improvement process which aligns with the accrediting agency standards.

AdvancED® is the largest community of education professionals in the world. It conducts rigorous on-site reviews of JK-12 schools to support processes that allow learners to realize their full potential. AdvancED now serves as a trusted partner to 34,000 schools, employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 40 million students across 70 nations.

IPSF recognizes that provincially mandated credit integrity represents a very satisfactory and particular set of standards, and notes that, currently, the Ontario Ministry of Education does not accredit private schools. This initiative, however, signals the option of a new set of standards and an accrediting opportunity for Ontario Private schools, moving beyond the credit integrity focus of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The public, seeking information regarding quality private school education, will be provided access to the list of Ontario private schools accredited by IPSF/AdvancED to review, and to assist them when choosing an Ontario private school to meet their high expectations for their children’s education.

As always, IPSF/AdvancED places the best interest of students first and foremost, and believes that this new initiative is a positive step to ensure that excellence in education continues to be a reality for Ontario students.