Our Mission:

The Independent and Private School Forum (IPSF) provides members with single-point access to professionals in the field of education, with expertise across a broad range of educational issues. Our mission is to bridge the gap between a school’s quest for excellence in educational practice and the lack of support available provincially for private and independent schools. We will support our member schools in building capacity through ongoing acquisition of knowledge and understanding of current trends in education, superior teaching practices, and sound school governance including mandatory Ministry of Education compliance regulations.

Our Objectives:

  1. Provide ongoing communication to inform IPSF members regarding current and upcoming educational issues and changes
  2. Provide ongoing review of Ministry of Education guidelines and regulations; providing up-to-date interpretation and explanation for IPSF members
  3. Provide school support for thorough implementation of Ministry of Education requirements
  4. Provide a menu of services for IPSF members to acquire an array of professional services, e.g. educational psychologists, educational lawyer, Ministry of Education regulations/guidelines consultants, curriculum specialists, special education specialists, on-line education consultants, and technology consultants, etc.
  5. Provide support regarding the school inspection process